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Our warranty at Global PDR Solutions (GPS) is a very simple, yet powerful one:

If the customer is not satisfied with the repair of a panel, that customer does not have to pay.

We also take it a step further and guarantee all of our repairs for the life of the vehicle as long as the customer still owns it.

Now just saying that is not enough, we follow up with that in many ways:

Each customer is given a warranty/guarantee explanation that is signed for upon delivery. A "GPS" representative explains and makes sure the customer understands the warranty. This form includes our Website address: for easy contact by a customer and our tolll free 1-800 number.

We also understand that our job is not finished when a customers repaired vehicle is delivered. That is why we generate a CSI questionnaire for all completed repairs. This CSI questionnaire allows the customer a 5% discount for their next repair upon completion and allows GPS to make sure it is giving the highest level of customer service possible

Both the Warranty/Guarantee explanation Are part of our exclusive "Repair Tracker" system



Global PDR Solutions (“GPS”) warrants that the GPS paintless dent repair process will for as long as you own your vehicle:

1. Prevent the repaired dent from returning.

2. Maintain the vehicle’s paint properties, in the condition in which the vehicle was contracted for repair, considering normal fading, wear, etc…, without cracking, rusting, or demetalizing at the point of dent repair.

In the event GPS’s paintless dent repair process results are found to be defective under this warranty, GPS will repair such quantity of dents and correct paint flaws, proved to be defective as a result of GPS’s process, at GPS’s place of business, with GPS providing the labor and materials free of charge during the warranty period.

This warranty is provided to the original consumer only and is not transferable.

This warranty shall become void if the vehicle is subjected to subsequent hailstorms or if GPS can determine and verify the damage differs from the damage on the original repair order.

GPS shall not be liable in either tort nor contract for any loss or damage, direct, indirect, special, consequential, or incidental, arising from the use or inability to use this process.

All warranties are subject to exception and limitations pursuant to conditions agreed upon in the repair order and signed by the consumer and the GPS representative prior to commencement of work.

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