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Frequently Asked Questions
1) Why Global PDR Solutions?

We understand that there are many PDR companies out there to choose from. But none gives you the broad range of choices, quality work, and professional service like "GPS" does.

At "GPS" we have taken the approach of basing our entire operation on the idea of creating options for our customer base. Our unique corporate structure enables us to react decisively and quickly in response to our customers needs both in scope and cost savings. Whether the need is a large-scale ports facility type job site or a small-scale storm, we enable our customers to devise and customize the type of repair team response that best fits their needs.

2) Does GPS supply any estimators if needed?

Yes, once again it is about options. Whether you need an appraisal team sent or software to do the job yourself, GPS can accommodate you. All of our Estimation team members are PDR estimation certified by Vale National. No other PDR network has the legitimate qualifications and unbiased computer estimating software that we utilize to bring the customer and Insurance company the fairest price in the industry

3) Certification seems to be a buzzword in PDR, what exactly does PDR certification mean?

This is an easy question to answer because up until October of 2003, there was no legitimate certification. Until 2003, Certification it meant nothing more then an in-house certification. What that means is that a technician was hired and that equated to being “Certified” by the hiring company. This has resulted in numerous undocumented certifications through out the PDR industry.

Here at GPS we believe that in order for PDR to take the needed and logical step of becoming a fully legitimate repair alternative, a truly unbiased and non-affiliated PDR certification was needed. Thankfully a company called Vale National felt the same way and in October of 2003, GPS had our first Technician become certified by Vale National PDR certification. We take a great deal of pride in the knowledge that we believe very strongly in this step towards further legitimacy of our industry.

4) What are the "GPS" Guarantees?

This is another area where much is promised but little is delivered. At GPS we not only stand 100% behind our work but also go out of way to enable a customer with any problem to contact us by any means that is easy for them. We supply each customer with our warranty, our Website address and our 1-800 #. We also have every completed repair customer go over the warranty with a GPS representative who makes sure that the customer has all of our contact info and understands the warranty, this is the final stage of our “Repair Tracker“ system. We realize that to best serve our customers is through a fully understood repair process, from start to finish.

GPS is a global organization that is insurance approved and recommended. Our#1 Priority is customer satisfaction. At GPS we guarantee 100% satisfaction that includes a Lifetime Warranty on all repairs. Our repair procedures are all within insurance recommended and accepted guidelines. With our attention to these details and our worldwide presence we are able to offer our customers a true PDR written warranty. And back it up

“Simply put”. If you’re not satisfied! Neither are we.

5) What exactly is this “Repair Tracker” system?

Repair Tracker is a GPS industry first system of complete documentation of the repair, from Start to Finish. Repair Tracker takes each step of the repair process and documents all the pertinent information; upon completion of the repair a fully documented file is generated and made available to the customer, Insurance Company, and repair site if needed. Furthermore we then follow up with the customer by supplying them with a CSI questionnaire, which will activate a 5% discount on future repairs if filled out and returned. Our "Repair Tracker System" is all internet based for immediate review and approval

Not only does this protect the claim originating company, but it also allows them to see how satisfied their customers are with the repair. This also allows GPS to make constant improvements with regards to customer service.

Repair Tracker involves the following steps:

1) Estimation form

2) Pre-repair inspection

3) Quality control during repair

4) Completed repair sign-off

5) Warranty and GPS Contact explanation

6) CSI questionnaire

We firmly believe this exemplifies GPS commitment of going the extra mile in customer service.


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